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Sydney Back Potstill Brandy is the epitome of Potstill Brandy. Crafted using cognac-style methods, with a base of Chenin Blanc wine, its rich golden hue and distinct flavours of dried peach, sweet tobacco and hints of tea and cinnamon, make it a distinguished drink with a long and smooth finish.

Old Distillery Road

Discover a world of flavours and a rich history of the age-old craft of Potstill Brandy at Old Road Distillery.

Sydney Back 25 Years Old Bottle

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About Sydney Back Potstill Brandy

A world-class brandy, crafted in the Cape Winelands.

Beyond the wine world, Sydney Back is well known for its award-winning Potstill Brandies. Each of the Sydney Back Potstill Brandy products is a true celebration of the Potstill category.

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As a future-forward brand we whole-heartedly embrace sustainability and always make sure we adhere to best practices, for our people and the planet.

Our Collaborations

We work alongside the best in the industry to complete the full Potstill brandy experience and showcase it’s true craftsmanship through our hand-picked collaboration partners.

Ways to enjoy Sydney Back Potstill brandy

The perfect spirit for any occasion

For a traditional experience, simply serve neat or on ice.

Be adventurous and find the perfect balance by mixing Sydney Back Potstill Brandy into your favourite brandy cocktail.

Enjoy our Potstill Brandy paired perfectly with a decadent dish.


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